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Battery Inspection / Replacement

Service Description

1. Inspect labeling: Check that battery model and cell/unit manufacturing data code are visible and cell numbering is adequate and correct.

2. Look for dust, corrosion, water or electrolyte: Ensure top cover of battery is clean, without any accumulation of dust or material that might cause short circuits.

3. Check posts and seals: Examine connection points for distortion, growth, cracking, heating or electrolyte seepage.

4. Inspect inter-cell connections: Check for signs of corrosion, discoloration, looseness or over-tightening.

5. Check covers for cracking: Cracks around positive post might indicate positive plate growth, but cracking around both posts could indicate defective cover material.

6. Look for post discoloration: Examine battery posts for signs of discoloration which would indicate a post seal failure or a loose connection.

7. Check containers: Look for signs of crazing, cracking, leakage, swelling or damage in general – even on the bottom.

8. Inspect electrolyte levels: Check that the level is above “low” and below “high” marks and the liquid is clear with some minor bubbling.

We also offer battery replacements.

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