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Boat & Jet Ski Storage

Service Description

We offer convenient on-site storage in Toledo, OH in our lot.

Our storage does differ slightly from others… Availability to the boat is only during business hours, no exceptions. With the option of an after-hours pick-up (summer only, see below).

There is no appointment necessary to bring your boats in and get them out of your driveway!

Summer Storage (April thru September) 

– Monthly or Seasonal Starting at $60.00/month
– After Hours Pick-Up Charge of $25.00
– Before Hours Drop-Off Charge $25.00

It is recommended that any boats brought in for storage and/or repairs have a cover on them.  In the event of rain we do not monitor the boat covers to verify that water is not pooling and/or getting into the boat.

Winter Storage (October thru April 1st-15th)

– Outdoor Storage Available
– Call for Pricing on Winter Storage Options

We will do our best to accommodate anyone with special requests (ie: first boat out, last boat out).  Please let us know if you’re hoping to get it out early or near the end of storage at the time of drop off so we can try and accommodate.

Boats will not be accessible anytime during winter storage.

Regardless of weather, we start taking boats out of storage on April 1st.  We will call you once your boat is accessible to us and ask that you pick it up within 2-days.  A daily fee (starting at $25/day) will be charged on storage vehicles still here after 2 days of first availability notice given by either phone call, message or email.

We apologize for any inconvenience.  We have roughly 25 boats to get out in a 2 week time-frame so it’s very important all boats are picked up in a timely manner.

Thank you in advance for quick pick-ups!


Shrink-Wrapping Note…     

Shrink-wrapping is the ideal way to protect your boat from the snow, ice and varmints in the winter, as your regular boat cover is not made to handle it. Shrink-wrapping is framed, tented and vented to keep the weight of the snow and ice off your windshield and wrapped tight along the sides and around the outdrive/gearcase to help keep out any unwanted critters. As an additional critter precaution we’ll prep your boat using dryer sheets & moth balls before wrapping to help deter them.

When shrink-wrapping boats there is always the possibility of mold/mildew accumulating inside over the winter. Especially if the boat is brought in wet or with a cover that’s not 100% waterproof. It’s mainly caused by residual moisture inside (upholstery, carpet, bilge, compartments, etc…). Unfortunately we don’t have any control over this. Boats are designed to get wet and are commonly stored outside in season so it is near impossible for it to be 100% dry at anytime. To try and help avoid this before bringing the boat in, here are a few tips… keep the bilge plug out and crank up the tongue jack to allow it to drain it as much as possible, also clean out any compartments that may hold ski equipment, life jackets, etc and keep them open to help air them out. If your carpet snaps out, you can try hanging it up to help it dry.
If you have any questions regarding this please call us at 419-724-2426

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