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Shrink Wrapping

Service Description

Shrink wrap is the best means of protecting your boat from the snow and ice during those long, cold, and windy winter months. It’ll keep your boat warm when the sun shines and dry on even the worst of days.

Protect your investment

Shrink-wrapping forms a tough, weatherproof barrier that will protect your boat from the corrosive and damaging effects of the elements – snow, ice, UV, rain, dust, animals, etc. For shrink wrapping in Toledo, Oh give Point Place Powersports a call to schedule your appointment ! Mobile boat services available !



  • Great winter protection
  • Great travel protection
  • Durable thick plastic covering that will protect your boat from the elements
  • Capability for protecting boats up t 25 feet
  • Shrink wrap cover can be vented
  • Deters vandalism
  • Will not chafe or damage, unlike tarps and covers
  • UV protection to help prevent oxidation
  • We Shrink Wrap Boats, Hot Tubs, Campers, Cars, jet skis and much more !

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