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Snowmobile Repair/Maintenance

Service Description

Snowmobiling is most fun when you are on the trail, not in the shop.  The best maintenance is preventative maintenance especially when it comes to being out in the cold.  You can’t always avoid a breakdown but here is an extensive checklist plus some recommendations when it comes to keeping your sled in tune.

First of all if you are a big enthusiast of snowmobiling you know that you don’t start looking at your sled just a week before you want to take a big trip to snowland far far away.  Make sure you look approximately a month ahead especially if you need to take your sled to a reputable repair shop.  I guarantee most shops get booked up quickly for pre-season maintenance which starts around October for our area.

Depending on what type of engine you have, 2-stroke or 4-stroke, will depend on the level of maintenance needed for your sled.  Four-stroke engines don’t require as much care as two-strokes simply because the 4-stroke doesn’t use oil in it’s gas, therefore it runs cleaner.  Whether your sled is carbureted or fuel injected will also make a difference in maintenance.


Here is a checklist we use that may help you with your pre-season maintenance:

– Replace Spark Plugs

– Change Oil & Filter

– Grease all accessible points

– Check and or Replace Chain Case Oil

– Check and Adjust Chain Case Tension if Needed

– Inspect & Charge Battery

– Check/Replace Light Bulbs as Necessary

– Check/Replace Belt

– Check/Adjust Track Tension & Alignment

– Check/Replace Hyfax (sliders) as Needed

– Check/Replace Rear Suspension Idler Wheel & Bearings

– Check/Replace Carbides

– Clean & Adjust Carburetors if Applicable

– Synchronize Carburetor Slide Valves at Idle & off Idle

– Adjust Engine RPM

– Adjust Throttle Lever Free Play

– Synchronize Oil Pump Lever

– Inspect Choke/Throttle Cables (if applicable)

– Inspect Fuel/Vent Lines for Wear or Kinking

– Clean Primary Clutch & Inspect for Excessive Wear or Cracks

– Inspect Secondary Clutch, Clean & Check Buttons & Shaft

– Check/Replace Drive Shaft Bearing and Speedo Key

– Check/Replace Worn Suspension Components

– Inspect Starter Recoil Rope (if applicable)

– Check Compression & Record Readings

– Check Drive to Driven Clutch Offset with Belt Removed

– Inspect Rubber Engine Mounts

– Inspect Fuel & Oil Tank Vent Lines/Routing

– Inspect Brakes, Brake System for Leaks or Wear & Brake Fluid

– Check Cooling System, Fluids, Drive Belt, Hoses, Pressure Test System (liquid cooled models)

– Fan Cooled:  Inspect Cooling Fins & Shroud

– Check Toe & Front-End Alignment

– Vacuum & Clean any Debris Under the Hood


This is the list that we use in our shop for our customers.  It is quite extensive and we try to cover everything that we can that might cause a breakdown.  It’s important to us to do our best to give our customers a good experience not only at our shop but on the trail as well.


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